To San Antonio Open Players:

Thanks for entering the 2023 San Antonio Open Golf Championship.

Golf carts: Due to limited availability of golf carts, only 2 golf carts per group is allowed.


Welcome to the 34th San Antonio Open Golf Championship.  We have a field of 85 players (23 professionals, 6 senior professionals, 35 amateurs, 10 senior amateurs, and 11 super senior amateurs). 

Friday, November 17 –

Please call the pro shop (210-695-5050) to reserve a time if you intend to play a practice round on Friday. Inform the pro shop you are playing in the SA Open so you can be paired with other tournament players.  Cedar Creek has agreed to a reduced green fee of $35 with cart for all SA Open players.

Saturday, November 18 –

  1. Check in at to the Registration desk in the lobby of the clubhouse when you first arrive to receive any last minute instructions. This helps us make sure everyone reaches their tee on time.
  2. Starters will be at the #1 tee (top of hill near clubhouse) and the #10 tee (bottom of hill near driving range) with the official clocks, scorecards, hole location sheets, and Notice to Competitors.
  3. Make certain to arrive at the proper tee at the proper time at least 10 minutes early. Rule 5.3a will be in effect as follows:
  • Arrival On time – no penalty
  • Arrival within 5 minutes of starting time – 2 stroke penalty
  • Arrival after 5 minutes of starting time – disqualification
  1. For those players who are playing from “one tee back”, remember to inform the starter from which tee you will play. ALSO, indicate the tee selection before it is returned to the Committee. Prizes will be determined based only on the pay-out for that set of tees.
  2. Synchronized clocks will be placed at the driving range and the putting green for your convenience. One of the referees will be at the driving range to assist the players.
  3. Rules referees will be distributed around the course to help with rulings and pace of play. Their golf carts can be identified by a small orange flag and a RULES sign.
  4. The practice range will open at first available light. Range balls are included in your entry fee.
  5. Only 2 carts are allowed for each pairing. Please pay your portion of the cart fee in the pro shop before going to the practice range if you intend to ride.
  6. Range finders may be used during stipulated rounds to determine distance only. The slope feature MUST be disengaged.

Sunday, November 19 –

Starting times and pairings for Sunday will be posted on the website (under Pro/Am Golf Tournament), and emailed Saturday evening as soon as the Sunday pairings have been determined, usually by 7 PM.  The pro shop will also have this information (210) 695-5050 but will most likely be closed at 7 PM on Saturday.

Clubhouse Snack Bar –

The snack bar at Cedar Creek GC is now CLOSED.  Sandwiches, drinks, and other snacks are available in the pro shop.



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