TRSA was established in 1979 by six research scientists working in the alcohol field, to develop a unified, concerted effort to promote education about alcohol research in the state of Texas.  In 1988, TRSA expanded its mission to include other substance use disorders in addition to alcohol.  The Society is supported financially by dues, grants, fundraisers, and donations.  It is overseen by an unpaid board of directors and one staff member.  TRSA is the only state affiliate of the national Research Society on Alcohol (www.researchsocietyonalcohol.org).


Education: To accurately inform the public about the scientific facts about alcoholism and other substance use disorders.

Research: To promote presentation and dissemination of basic science research on addiction as well as effective evidence-based prevention, intervention and treatment for substance use disorders.

Public Policy: To ensure that accurate scientific information is used in the formulation of laws and regulations regarding the manufacture, distribution, use and abuse of mood altering substances; and to gain an equitable share of research funds for alcoholism and other addictive disease research.

Provide Fellowships and Awards: To encourage graduate student research on alcoholism and other substance use disorders, and educational efforts by students to disseminate research findings in this area to health professionals and the general public, through student fellowships and awards.    

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