John P. McGovern Medical Student Fellowship:

The program's purpose is to provide a graduate, medical, or dental student with funds to complete a summer research project involving alcohol or drug use disorder, thereby potentially interesting the student in a career in this field. The student must be sponsored by a TRSA member who is currently involved in substance use disorder research.  Application submission generally opens in May and award notification is made early July.

John T. and Patricia A. O’Neill Addiction Science Education (ASE) Award:

This award is given to qualified candidates who are graduate, postdoctoral, medical, or dental students (as of the date of the application deadline) who have demonstrated excellence in educating the public, health professionals (e.g., medical faculty and students), treatment professionals, the recovering community, and other non-scientists about the latest addiction science research.   Educational research can be in any area: preclinical (animal), clinical, epidemiological, psychosocial, etc.  It is unusual for young scientists to have an interest in communicating research clearly, especially to non-science audiences, and this will be the prime factor in making an award.  This award is given periodically, at the discretion of the Board and the availabilility of funds.  Notification of the next award will be sent via ListServ announcements.

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